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Lotus Foods: Arare Rice Crackers


Brand Innovation

“When we looked to extend our brand, Bulldog was our first call. They know us so well, and they delivered as they always do—our first foray into our next category was a complete success.”


Extending an already successful brand packaging system into a new category—from heirloom rice to healthy snacking challenge

Lotus Foods, producer of the world’s most unique heirloom and organic rice varietals, came back to Bulldog Drummond with the goal of extending their brand into another new category—Arare Rice Crackers. Their challenge was twofold—First, develop a design platform that extends an already successful packaging system with new verve and new life. Second, communicate the benefits of a new snack format unknown to most U.S. consumers while developing a compelling narrative and cohesive product story.


We began the project by building a clear strategy for the new crackers and a narrative people could understand and want to be a part of. We then developed a packaging system that focused on visually showcasing the crackers with a window, allowing their beauty to show through. We applied a custom watercolor around the packaging window to connect back to the master brand’s packaging. The product was taken into Whole Foods as an exclusive launch and received strong feedback from buyers. The line was given prime positioning in each store and sales have exceeded initial expectations. We are ready to help Lotus extend their brand further as they continue to add to their successful and diverse portfolio.

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